Comparison with Casting Process (Lost Wax) and other Techiques

After examining synthetically, especially from the point of view of the description of the processes of casting, it is useful to poit out some comparisons between the specific technology of lost wax casting and other forming processes (they include, in this case, also processes arising from metallurgy dust, forging, machining operations).

In the table below there is a comparison between the synthetic investment casting and other forming processes in relation to some engineering performance, cost and size.

Some terms of comparison between the precision casting and other forming processes (Source: Handbook on the Investment Casting Process, American Foundrymen's Society Inc.).

  Precision casting Die Forging hot forging Casting with plaster molds Injection molding powders Casting shapes with organic binder Casting in sand
Molds cost Medium High High Low High Medium Low
Unit cost Medium Low Low Medium High Low Low
Freedom in design High Medium Low Medium Medium-high Medium Low
Tolerances control Medium-high High Low Medium High Medium Low
Components sizes Medium Medium Medium-high Medium-low Low Medium High
Surface finishing Medium-high High Medium Medium-high High Low Low