Technical and Economic Advantages of Casting

Great freedom in the design

Technological progresses make it possible to create highly complex products, with geometries normally difficult to obtain through machining. In particular, the precision casting (or lost wax casting) allow to obtain very low dimensional tolerances and smaller than the other casting techniques.

Lower costs of production

The remarkable precision that microcasted allow to obtain results decreasing finishing processes of pieces to produce, which the consequence to lower all costs of production.

Great flexibility in production quantities

The precision casting (or lost wax casting) represents one of the most flexible casting techniques from the point of view of production; is therefore possible to obtain very big so as very small lots.

Variety of materials

The precision casting (or lost wax casting) can be created with a variety of steels and alloys also difficult machinability. They are also achievable with:

  • special alloys based on cobalt
  • special alloys based on nickel
  • alloys studied ad-hoc for special needs

It is also possible to achieve the same particulars with different types of alloys using the same molds as needed.