Information and consent as per articles 13-17 of EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR)

Data controller

The responsible is:

Business name: Metal Goods srl
Legal and operational headquarters: via Moie 14/i, 25073 Bovezzo (BS) Italy
VAT: 03571270176
Tax code: 03571270176
Registro Imprese di Brescia: n. BS-03571270176
REA: 421267
Share capital: € 10.400,00 i.v.
Telephone: (+39) 030 2116060
Fax: (+39) 030 2119343

Purpose of process

The collection and processing of personal datas are carried out for the following purposes:

  • the fulfillment of all operations imposed by regulatory obligations;
  • the beginning of contractual relationships specifically all those strictly connected and structural operations for the beginning of the aforementioned relationships, including the acquisition of preliminary information for the conclusion of the Contract;
  • The management of relationships for activities as: administrative, accounting, orders, shipping, billing, services, management of any dispute;

The collected datas will be processed based on principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency and protection of your / your privacy of the your rights. These data will be processed for the entire duration of the contractual relationships established and also subsequently for the fulfillment of all legal obligations. The contractual purposes, the purchase of services and / or products, as well as commercial (and non-commercial) dispute, concern the processing of the Customer's personal data.

Processing methods

The processing of datas for the purposes set out above is done using unauthorized methods, on electronic and / or paper, in accordance with the rules of confidentiality and security required by law, regulations and internal provisions.

Place of processing and storage

The processing and storage of personal data are processed at the legal and operational headquarters of the undersigned in Bovezzo (BS) Via Moie 14 i. They are also processed on behalf of the writer, by professionals and / or companies appointed to carry out management activities, administrative and accounting.

Scope of the provision of data and possible refusal

Some data are essential to be able to perfect the contract, others can be defined as accessories for these purposes. The provision of data to the writer is mandatory only for data for which a legal or contractual obligation is envisaged and any refusal would put the Customer in the condition of not being able to execute / continue the contract as it would constitute illegal processing of personal data. In cases where there is no legal obligation to provide data, the refusal would not have the above consequences, but would still prevent the execution of ancillary operations.

Data communication

In addition to the communications and spread made in compliance with legal obligations, personal data may be disclosed in Italy and not abroad to:

  • professionals and consultants, consulting firms, factoring companies, credit institutions, debt collection companies, credit insurance companies and companies operating in the transport field;
  • public or private institution, also following inspections or verifications such as: Financial Administration, Tax Police, Judicial Authority, Italian Exchange Office, Labor Office. ASL. Social security institutions, Chamber of Commerce ect.

File storage time

The data provided will be stored in our archives as follows. For administrative activities, accounting, order, planning, assistance, maintenance, shipping, invoicing, services and management of any dispute: ten years as per ART. 220 of the Civil Code, without prejudice to any delay in payment of the fees that justify its extension.

Rights of the involved parts

With regard to the personal data, the Customer can carry out the rights provided as per art. 22 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 within the limits and under the conditions set out in the aforementioned regulation. In the event of signing any form of consent to the processing required by Metal Goods srl, it should be noted that the involved party can revoke it at any time, without prejudice to mandatory obligations provided by the legislation in force at the time of the revocation request, by contracting the Data Controller to the addresses in the section "Data Controller".


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