MIM material selection

Material Group Alloy / Material Description Application
Low alloy steels MIM-2200 MIM-2700
MIM-4130 MIM-4340
Good stregth, fatigue resistance, high surface hardness Lubricated safety and security devices, automotive interior components, coated or plated hardware
Austenitic stainless steels MIM-304
Excellent cryogenic properties, superior corrosion medical and dental devices, marine components, resistance, good high-temperature strength Medical and dental devices, marine components, non-magnetic housings
Ferritic stainless steels MIM-430 Good strength, fatigue resistance, high surface hardness Magnetic probes, sensors, armatures
Martensitic stainless steels MIM-420
Excellent hardness, strength and wear resistance
Precipitation hardening stainless steels 15-5 PH
High strength toughness and hardness, excellent corrosion resistance Ordinance components, high strength fasteners, fiber optic connectors, medical device
Soft magnetic materials 2% Nickel-Iron
High permeability, low loss magnetic alloys Pole pieces, cores, relays solenoid , switches, armature, magnetic probes
Tool steels M2 Alloy
M4 Alloy
High hardness and wear resistance, often accompanied by high toughness and resistance to softening at elevated temperature
Titanium CP Titanium
Lightweight, high-strength, corrosion-resistant material